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Trailer Mounted

U2 Mirage Trailer Mounted Simulator

The U2 Mirage is now available in a limited run trailer mounted version. If you want to be able to take your simulator to different locations or events every weekend then this is the answer.

Taking the simulator to events differs due to the high volume of people in a short space of time and the ability to charge a premium for the ride experience. With the possibility of 30 people per hour and charging a per person fee of 2.50 (0.50 higher than average) it is possible to make 75 per hour at these events.

The trailer is totally waterproofed and everything is onboard that is required including computer and silenced generator. By working only 14 hours per week with the mobile simulator you can make over 1000 every week in a nice sunny outdoor environment.

 Ideal for the continent the trailer can be taken to gala events, festivals, concerts, product launches, outside malls, private parties, football matches, local beaches, public parks, anywhere there are lots of people. The trailer simulator is demountable and can be located on a static site for the winter season.

To enquire about the trailer simulator click here.


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